Technodolly motion control camera to Houdini (2011)

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User doc (.pdf)

A Technodolly motion control camera is probably the fanciest way to write a simple ascii file like this:
startLetter, frameNumber,
X, Y, Z,
pan, tilt, roll,
zoom, focus, iris, ’\n’);

R0.00, 4.2376,-1.0234,1.1942, -65.029,3.959,0.000, 0.000, 0.001, 0.00

Simple to translate into a .chan file for loading it into Houdini. The coordinate system needs to be changed a bit but luckily one can easily compare results against their free Maya plugin..

Playing with mantra proceduals (2010)

Download, Win32, Houdini10

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VrayProcedural/mantra geo shader that creates an instances of a given geometry file on each point of object with the geometry shader applied. Applies color (as Cd attribute) and scaling to instanced objects. The Instance color is taken from geometry objects point Cd or a random color if no Cd attribute is found. Use from "stampFile2 .otl, see .hip for an example scene.

Cell noise for nuke ndk

Celll noise node for nuke: Download (Win32 Nuke5.2/6.2, linux Nuke5, Mac Nuke6)
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I added a simple cell noise generator node for nuke. Has random, grid and heaxgon mode. To install: copy to Nuke\plugins directory, load from etc menu.
Cell noise generation code is based on

Bend geometry for nuke

A very simple geometry bend deformer/modifier for nuke (windows32). WIP, still needs handles for the deformer center and y-squash is based on bounding box and might look strange for extreme values...


my public nuke & houdini plugins.